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Sweeping machines are difficult to use? Can any type of waste be picked up?

The sweeping machines perform the same task as scrubbing machines, but to remove dirt that is not fixed to the floor. The mechanical action of the brush (es) removes the dirt, and the dust raised is sucked in and collected by the filter in the machine.

It is really easy to use the sweeping machine, whether it is a walk-behind, or ride-on model. Naturally, larger machines have more specific commands, but in all cases these are simple, intuitive machines requiring the minimum learning time.

Everything can be picked up, except rope, strings, and metal or plastic supports: these can damage the central brush. However the dirt collected must not be fixed to the ground, and the sizes of individual elements should not exceed those provided for their passage to the collection drawer. So large machines can remove bigger, heavier dirt than small ones.



sweeping machines
High performance sweepers

The sweepers are used to clean all indoor and outdoor spaces such as factories, communities etc.
It is not enough to have nice look and strong frame, but it is also necessary to provide ease of use, manageability, safety and simplify management and maintenance operations.
In the new productive plant in Cinisello Balsamo (MI) OMM lavapavimenti introduces the new line of professional sweepers.
The range is composed of 7 machines that in the different battery versions, or Honda powered with and without electric start that satisfy the middle-small market.
The models are realized following the winner choice of the firm in them famous strong autoscrubber dryers.
In the specific the model 51 has the battery version (mod.51ET) (1x12V 157Ah) and the gasoline (mod.51STH) with motor Honda GX120 (red professional series), the 71 introduces 3 version the battery 12V (2x6V 270Ah) (mod.71ET), the gasoline Honda GX120 (red professional series) (mod.71STH) and gasoline electric Honda GX160 (red professional series) (mod.71STHE).
The ride on machine exists in two version: battery 24V (4x6V 425Ah) (mod.1160E) and gasoline with motor Honda (red professional series) (mod.1160SH).
These have three different filter types: panel, cartridge and special fabric for every demand of filtration.
All the components are of first quality as the selected Italian suppliers that along the mechanical experience of OMM guarantee an extremely solid and reliable product that guarantees an excellent performance united to low maintenance.
Choices of quality and not of price are the difference of these products: rotational plastic covers, strong metal 20/10 structure, Italian electric motors, gasoline Honda motors, big belt and chains transmissions, bronze screw reducer, no-tracks wheels, high quality filters and brushes, and the good small components used in the autoscrubber dryers.
In the next future will are ready others new models to be competitive with the best builders.